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 Welcome to "Hadley": an historic homestead of the Uplands . . .

John and Henrietta Sharwood came to these wooded hills and valleys in the mid 19th century. The Homestead "HADLEY" is the fourth dwelling of the family. . . (more)...


Farmstays a speciality...

 Staying at Hadley Homestead is not expensive. (All prices are GST inclusive - where applicable.)

Adults -  each $40 AUS per night.*

Children -  each $20 AUS per night.*

Food and linen not included.

Specials on Weekly Stays.

Concessions for special groups may be negotiated.

* Prices subject to confirmation.

Special Arrangements for Safe Hunting & Fishing. Trophy Hunting (incl Guides)

available at extra cost. 


You have 500 acres of farmland and bushland in which to joyfully roam. The Abercrombie River is serene, beautiful, and full of fish ...and gold...


It banks onto your domain.

Where is "Hadley Homestead & Farm ? Just Google Maps

2274 Fullerton Rd, Hadley 2583.

A general overview of surrounding attractions may be gleaned from here.

Boating, fishing, . . . 


 Swimmmming around in COOL ,clear, pristine water ...Oh!!



Try your hand at gold panning.

A good "show" in 10 minutes!! Our friend, Martin Marks, is an expert and world champion! His gold pans and "Super Sluice" designs for gold prospecting tools and machines are renown world-wide. Phone him on (61 2) 98380397.



On another tack, come and participate in the Research if you so desire (GRIN)...


Nearby is the Bolong Riverwhich is available sometimes.:-


Surrounding all this is abundant panorama.


The view north-east from "Spy Rock"... a granodiorite outcrop. "Riverbank" and "Eagles' Eyrie" in the near distance.

For further enquiries contact Geoff or Fran on 61 2 9579 5891 or (mobile) 61 0427 272 181. You may e-mail Geoff here. We can send / fax you directions or discuss your requirements.


This could be you at your Winter Retreat:

(Turkey House and wood-heap in foreground.)


or . . . during Spring you could enjoy pleasant and enchanting bush-walks:


The locals are a friendly lot!

Georgeous, cute . . . hey!! 

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